Watch The Mescaline Experiment – The Controversial Film BBC Never Aired

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Watch The Mescaline Experiment – The Controversial Film BBC Never Aired

In this clip Doctor Humphry Osmond and Christopher Mayhew sit together for an afternoon of “infinite bliss” under the effects of mescaline. Mayhew invites Dr. Osmond to his home for an experiment with the psychedelic compound known as mescaline, the active ingredient in the peyote and San Pedro cactus. In the experiment, Mayhew takes the substance under the supervision and support of Dr. Osmond, who proposes him a number of psychological questions to gain observation on the altered state that would ensue.

The effects are profound and shocking to the subject, introducing him to the world of mystic insight and timelessness. Mayhew repeatedly reports that he is withdrawn from the room entirely to have an endless experience of heavenly bliss. Recounting the experience even 30 years later, Mayhew professes that it was the most meaningful experience of his life and drastically changed how he sees reality.

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