Documentary: Ayahuasca – The Psychedelic Reset Button

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Documentary: Ayahuasca – The Psychedelic Reset Button

Former Marine Ryan LeCompte organizes trips to Peru for war veterans, like himself, who are seeking ayahuasca as a possible treatment for PTSD and other emotional and mental trauma suffered after multiple combat deployments. Which is pretty incredible if you ask us! The PTSD treating aspects of Ayahuasca are slowly becoming more well known. We wish all of these men and women luck on their journeys.

“Ayahuasca is a way to give relief to those who are suffering, Many veterans are not satisfied with the PTSD treatment they receive when they return from combat.
It’s just, ‘Here’s a pill, here’s a Band-Aid.’

The ayahuasca medicine is a way to, instead of sweeping your dirt under the rug, you know, these medicines force you to take the rug outside and beat it with a stick until it’s clean, And that’s how I prefer to clean my house.” – Ryan LeCompte

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