A New Cannabis Political Party Are Trying To Legalise Weed In The UK

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A New Cannabis Political Party Are Trying To Legalise Weed In The UK

The ongoing battle to legalise weed in the UK has received a boost after a new cannabis political party has been started.

Cista, which stands for Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol, want to legalise weed in the UK as they believe that the so-called “war on drugs” has only benefited criminals.

The new political party have high hopes of replicating the success that American states have had since legalising the drug.

For example the legalisation of medicinal-use cannabis in Colorado has been a extremely profitable for the government, and has helped them collect more than $40 million in tax revenue already.

Cista are predicting that more than £900 million could be raised by legalising the class B drug in the UK and if the government choose to regulate and tax the substance, it could cut the national deficit by £1.25 billion.

Decades of criminalising use of cannabis have failed on every front. Across the world, countries are properly redrafting laws relating to cannabis use with benefits for the economy, public health and levels of crime. Cista exists to replicate this success. Our candidates during the 2015 Elections will be campaigning for a Royal Commission to review Britain’s drug laws. A Cista spokesman

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