The Power Of Raw Cannabis Medicine

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The Power Of Raw Cannabis Medicine

The medicinal use of Marijuana and the parallel drug war against the same plant is a classic example of how inane and mindless our society is today.

For most part it is because of our ignorance we are easily lead to believe anything. Here is something about the healing aspects of the plant most people know little about.

Marijuana contains many compounds. One of which is CBD. Put into simple terms that even I can understand, THC is the high and CBD is the relaxation (this misses nuances but will do for a beginning understanding.) And CBD is one of the major cannabis compounds that is effective against cancer. Some doctors are now working under the premise that raw CBD’s work better than that which has been cooked or smoked. In addition, THC needs to be heated to be activated so the raw cannabis doesn’t give the user a high.

We must share this knowledge with others so we can truly heal ourselves naturally of all illnesses without having to visit the doctor. This is something that would put big pharma out of business hence Cannabis still remains illegal in most parts of the world. All this is quickly changing though … and we are the light bearers, sharing the truth as we know it … being part of this huge awakening unfolding here now!

Reference : Medical Marijuana ~ Juicing Cures

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