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This Stroboscopic Lamp Induces Dream-Like Visionary Experiences

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This Stroboscopic Lamp Induces Dream-Like Visionary Experiences

This is the Lucia N3, a hypnogogic light machine designed by a psychiatrist and a neurologist in Austria. The purpose of the device is to stimulate temporary EEG brain wave patterns that ordinarily one could only have achieved through several years of mediation practice.

Testimonies from those that have sat before the light contain moments of deep relaxation paired with focus, synchronization of the intuition, and a powerful sense of wholeness. Individuals have also reported experiencing closed eye visuals similar to that of psychedelic stimulation and even what feels like a harmless, altered state of consciousness comparable to that induced by the hallucinogenic agent DMT.

The company behind the design of this curious device stated that “The hypnogogic light experience allows an immersion into your inner consciousness, a place of unimaginable peace and beauty.”

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Amir Pouya
I'm the Founder, Designer and Developer of I have a love and interest for the history and chemistry of visionary plants and their interaction with humankind. I believe these plants and their effects to not be Hallucinations, but another form of reality we are yet to fully understand. The reason for this website is to gather as much information as possible to eventually be able to put together some sort of explanation as to What these plants are, Why they exists and How they have these extraordinary effects on Human Consciousness.