Does LSD Actually Stay In Your Spinal Cord Forever?

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Does LSD Actually Stay In Your Spinal Cord Forever?

There are a lot of myths out there about pretty much every psychoactive drug, and LSD is no exemption. One of the more common and baffling myths is that LSD will remain in your spinal cord forever. Let’s just be clear about this:

No drug stays in your body forever.

Some of the chemicals in the drug can stick around for a while, like cannabinoids for example, but most drugs, including LSD, leave your body very quickly. You could be tripping your nuts off on LSD and pass a drug test the next morning without it showing up. LSD’s half-life is about three hours.

It’s believed that the myth about the spinal cord storing LSD had something to do with acid flashbacks, or the fleeting hallucinations and sensations that are reminiscent of the trip that appear to you later on, sometimes sporadically for years after the trip. There’s no real evidence as to how many people suffer these acid flashback.

But just from a medical standpoint, your spinal fluid is completely separated from the rest of your body’s fluids by the blood-brain barrier. So it’s nothing to concern yourself with. LSD will not stay in your spinal cord forever.

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