Steps To Take During A Difficult Plant Medicine Experience

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Steps To Take During A Difficult Plant Medicine Experience

Images and Art by Anderson Debernardi and Simon Haiduk

When coming into contact with a plant teacher the experience may be one of ecstatic revelation and infinite knowledge. However, occasionally during an astral voyage one can wander off into the darkness of the mind which may have staggering effects on one’s own perception. The initiate may find themselves in an unpleasant place that they did not expect to arrive in. There is no need for panic, there are steps one may take before and during their voyage to ensure their journey is one of good vibrations and calm waters.

Before a passenger makes the decision to voyage through consciousness to the spiritual realm, one must have a proper “Set and Setting”. Set refers to ones mental and physical health while Setting pertains to a passengers location and environment. An example of a unfavorable Set would be voyaging after a traumatic event or a stressful day. The voyage may concentrate on these events and make the journey arduous. An unfavorable example of Setting would be a venue with a large group of people whom you are unfamiliar with. A few examples of a favorable Setting; A natural area that is alleviated of the hustle and bustle of civilization; A clean bed room with dim lights and pleasant scenery; Or a quiet place that you love where you will not be bothered. Another precaution initiates may want to take would be shutting off cell phones and disconnecting from the internet so one can be fully engulfed in, and focused on the journey without distractions.

For the initiate, plunging themselves into the higher dimensions is an incredible act of cleansing for one’s mind. When the right intentions are set before a plant medicine ceremony, the doors of perception may be temporarily or permanently opened. Once opened, the gateway of infinite perception can provide the initiate knowledge of unmeasurable proportions. This knowledge can be harnessed to guide the voyager’s life in a more positive direction once they have returned. Each individual has a divine purpose and the maps of consciousness have always been right in front of us. Only you can decide whether you want the maps of consciousness to be unveiled.

Once the initiate has successfully embarked on their journey, keeping oneself calm and collected is very important. Initiates should be very open to the changes affecting their reality and proceed with the flow. One must remember that they have the reigns over their thoughts and must choose whether they want to think positively or negatively. Initiates, you are the captain of this journey, sail the ship in the direction of your choice. If an initiate should start to wander towards the darker side of their mind, they should simply take a step back and inhale a conscious breathe of air. Attempt to manifest positive emotions, remembering the initial intention of their journey and distance yourself from unproductive thoughts to absolve the negative energy. It may take the initiate a few moments to overcome the negative forces, but once they have broken away from them, they should maintain calm and allow the unfolding to continue. Music is a great tool for changing the direction of a voyage. Choose music that induces healing and higher learning, such as the music found on TIMEWHEEL.

The most powerful tool an initiate can employ to help cope with a difficult astral experience is Surrender. Surrender your control of the experience and watch it unfold without judgement. If the experience is showing you your fears, face the fears without labeling them as ‘bad’. Simply see them objectively and they will quickly lose their power over you.

“Use this sacred time that the plants have granted you to learn, grow, and remember! Learn how to become the best you can be and grow into your Destiny. Remember that you are everyone and everyone is you. For inside everyone and everything is the same essence connecting us all.”

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