The Aura Explained In Depth

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The Aura Explained In Depth

Every substance on the planet has a field of energy around it. A part of this energy has manifested into a dense vibration, which makes it a physical form. The form that refuses to become physical, but maintains a form is the aura. The aura can appear in any color of the visible color spectrum and is an electromagnetic field that comprises the qualities of all of the body’s energy centers, known as chakras. This morphic field surrounding us reflects the subtle vibration of our existence. All lifeforms have an aura, because to be alive, there must be a vibration. The aura represents who we are, what we think; our every intention and action.

When initiates have an active Third Eye, the aura can take the visual form of a smoky, energy shield, which maintains it’s form around the body. This light emits up and around the body is about nine feet in diameter in most cases, however some master’s auras cam stretch for miles and can be felt by those in-tune with higher vibrations. The positive energy radiating from a master’s aura can create a calm state of mind or even a glimpse of enlightenment for those in proximity. Each aura is unique to the entity that it is being emitted from. Due to the physical eyes limitations, the third eye must be used to decrypt information from the higher dimensional light spectrum, displaying the colors and form into a 3D space. Third Eye sight can be harnessed more easily by implementing a proper diet. Aura is dependent on individuals vibration, meaning the color, density, power, and movement of the aura will be different for everyone. Morphic fields may vary in shape, size, and energy composition. These differences may include, color flecks, spirals, distortions, and other stimuli that only the originator will truly be able to interpret.


The aura is commonly thought of as the defining factor in what makes a person who they are, whether astral or physical. Although this may be partially correct, the visible aura is actually a temporary static energy field that is constantly being altered by chakra sync issues, external stimulus, environment, and psychic connection with close peers. The aura has two different facets of utility, communication and identity.

The communication aspect of the morphic field is based on the visible spectrum of light, experienced through the third eye or “minds eye” as it has been culturally referred as. The communication field exists to help awakened initiates interact with reality with an inherently specific way of perception, and typically appears as a summation of each chakras vibration together. This means that the color of the aura perceived is based on the one perceiving and the one being perceived and that the colors of the aura will be directly correlated with the strongest chakras . For instance, the unawakened ones are entirely unable to perceive aura, while advanced or ascended individuals will be able to see the effects of their resonation on others auras. Ascended individuals, or those with a fully balanced chakra system, emit a white or rainbow hued aura. When those of different auras come together, the palette of color will decide if the individuals resonate with one another. This complementary color system is the ultimate deciding factor in every interaction.

The individual or identity field is the core essence of the soul. Initiates may need to inquire within themselves before this aura truly becomes visible. The identity field may be felt and heard before it is fully visible, such as in an encounter with an astral being. Query the self repeatedly, “Who am I?”, or “Who are you?” when querying others. This process should manifest in feeling and sound, which can be cultivated into an image with focus. Visualize a waveform for the sound and discover it’s origin. The mind may interpret the the sound as colors or shapes. Initiates must decide for themselves the meaning of these colors and shapes. After some time the ability to access this realm will become instantaneous.

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