The Psychedelic Experience Explained by Aubrey Marcus

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The Psychedelic Experience Explained by Aubrey Marcus

Moving forward into 2015, we are planning on doing a blog series about the psychedelic experience, sharing stories of visions, healing, and the spiritual evolution that goes hand in hand with this medicine.

While talking about navigating the “noosphere” is a bit like dancing about architecture, we hope to choreograph a movement that resonates with everyone from the novice to the shaman in terms of this type of story telling.

The video above by The Warrior Poet, Aubrey Marcus, is in exact alignment with what we hope to provide to you. For those who are beginning to research, and find their own spark of curiosity about the world of psychedelics, this video is a great “amuse bouche” as to what to expect, and how the experience can unlock your greatest human potential.


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I'm the Founder, Designer and Developer of I have a love and interest for the history and chemistry of visionary plants and their interaction with humankind. I believe these plants and their effects to not be Hallucinations, but another form of reality we are yet to fully understand. The reason for this website is to gather as much information as possible to eventually be able to put together some sort of explanation as to What these plants are, Why they exists and How they have these extraordinary effects on Human Consciousness.