Waking Up: Everything the Media Told You About Psychedelics is Wrong

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Waking Up: Everything the Media Told You About Psychedelics is Wrong

What if most of what you’ve been told in the media about psychedelics is wrong?” This is former CNN investigative journalist and wartime correspondent Amber Lyon, whose new effort Reset.me, is an equally ambitious, compassionate, and risky move into an outright confrontation with The War on Drugs. “The law is not based on science,” says Lyon – who’s used to dodging bullets, and whose gig with CNN ended when she blew the whistle on their censorship of her Arab Spring repression documentary. For someone so accustomed to endangering her life and reputation for the truth, it’s just another day at work to stand against the tyranny that lies about the well-researched and beneficial properties of oligarchy-threatening illicit natural medicines.

Here’s a quick rundown of the facts about the substances our government has taught us we should fear:

Psychedelics are not neurotoxic or addictive. Some of them can cure anxiety, depression, PTSD, and addiction. Studies from acclaimed academies show incredible results, like 4 of 5 respondents claiming magic mushrooms boosted their well-being. (That’s a mile ahead of Prozac, which no longer even beats placebos in a clinical environment.) LSD has demonstrated major benefits to alcoholics (more than Al Anon, whose founder unsuccessfully attempted to include it in a 13-Step recovery) and reduces the anxiety of people with a terminal disease. (It also slashed recidivism rates, when LSD experiments on prisoners were legal in the 1950s – 60s.) Ibogaine is world-famous for its efficacy helping people get off heroine or pills, without withdrawal.

The list goes on. In proper therapeutic contexts, or as adjuncts to indigenous religious practices, psychedelics help us process and release the trauma we accumulate throughout our lives. So Amber Lyon tells it like it is: “One of the greatest human rights tragedies of this century is that the general public does not have access to these medicines.”

Read on and watch for more. Information is empowerment.

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