Battle Rapper ‘Dirtbag Dan’ Performs While On Magic Truffles

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Battle Rapper ‘Dirtbag Dan’ Performs While On Magic Truffles

This battle rapper decided to take magic truffles before his performance, because Amsterdam.

Californian Dirtbag Dan is pretty much the definition of ‘a bit of a character’.

The battle rapping funny man was in Amsterdam recently for the first event in Holland by the UK’s leading battle rap league, Don’t Flop.

Being a bit of a psychonaut, and being in Amsterdam, the inevitable happened, and Dan decided to take magic truffles. Not just recreationally, but ahead of his battle with UK funnyman Big J.

Don’t Flop cameraman Liam Bagnall was there the whole time, so decided to make this mini-documentary about it.


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