What do you want to see on Spirit Molecule?

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What do you want to see on Spirit Molecule?

Give us your feedback and tell us what YOU want to see on SpiritMolecule.com

Hello Psychonauts

Even though the re-design is finally complete and the website released to you lovely people, we still have a lot of work to do. Were still working on hard to bring in new features to the website and you will be seeing new additions and improvements being made on a daily basis.

We have added a Feedback bar to the bottom of the page where you can easily share your Feedback with us and let us know what you want to see on the Spirit Molecule website. Is there a feature you want? Let us know about it. Are there improvements we could make to a feature already on the website? Give us your feedback and we promise to work hard to bring you what YOU want to see.

Below are some of the features were working on now, which should be complete and out on the site within the next few weeks:

  1. Improved Trip Report management
  2. Improved Forum functionality
  3. Updated Retreat management and Review system
  4. Improved Menu and Site-wide Navigation system
  5. Podcast section
  6. Knowledge database for the covered medicines

There are a few other things not listed above which were working on, they are not listed because its a surprise! So watch this space and don’t forget to drop us your feedback, we read every single one of them and appreciate your support immensely.

Peace & Love
– SM Admin Team

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About The Author
Amir Pouya
I'm the Founder, Designer and Developer of SpiritMolecule.com. I have a love and interest for the history and chemistry of visionary plants and their interaction with humankind. I believe these plants and their effects to not be Hallucinations, but another form of reality we are yet to fully understand. The reason for this website is to gather as much information as possible to eventually be able to put together some sort of explanation as to What these plants are, Why they exists and How they have these extraordinary effects on Human Consciousness.