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Be Original

Content submitted by you to Spirit Molecule should be original. The post should not be published on another site, blog, book or app (unless run by you, the author). If the content is plagiarized in any way from another persons work then it will be rejected.

Please let us know when applying if your post (in full or part) is posted elsewhere and provide link(s).

Article Tone

We try to keep all content published on SpiritMolecule.com is positive, friendly and fun. When writing try and be personal, relaxed and write as if you were speaking to someone close to you.

Article Content

We cover topics relating to Holistic Health, Spirituality, Wellness, Nutrition and Psychedelics. So the ideas are endless!
Are there any articles on SpiritMolecule.com or elsewhere that you can improve on? Maybe add your own twist to a popular topic? Or come up with a completely new concept yourself. The choice is yours.

Word Count

There is no mimimum word count on our articles but we do recommend that you try and write at least 600 words. Recipe and Juicing posts can generally be much shorter.

We’re not interested in publishing SEO driven content by freelance writers. If you’re looking to publish an article on YoungandRaw.com to boost SEO efforts, or if you plan to link to a company or product that doesn’t align with our message, we’re not interested.


You are not required to sumbit images with your articles but it is recommended and appreciated. If you are submitting Recipe/Juicing posts then you will need to submit your own images.

Please make sure you have the rights to any images you submit, faliure to do this could get your article pulled permenantly and your account suspended.

Share share share

Once your post goes live, please share it with your social media and other community's you are a part of, we’ll do the same. We take notice when our readers enjoy the content you’re producing and this will get you a front row seat on the website from time to time!

After You're Accepted

Since we don’t compensate our writers, you are welcome to add links to your website and social media channels in your bio, which we’ll promote to hundreds of thousands of our fans and readers. Bio’s should be brief, 4-5 sentences max. You are also free to provide links to your own content within your posts.

Our Appreciation

While we would love to be able to connect with each writer individually, at times when submissions are high our team may not have the opportunity to reach out to you one on one. Our editing team will carefully review each submitted article, so if you don’t see your post live within 10 days, you can submit a new one.

Editor Accounts

If your article is published, we will set up an Editor account for you on the website, which will give you easy access to our publishing tools, which you can use to submit future articles to the website for review with the click of a button.

Before submitting your post to Spirit Molecule

Please agree to our Terms of service and understand that our editorial team has full discretion to edit your post and headline as needed.


Why share your voice and your beautiful ideas with one of the fastest growing websites dedicated to Wellness, Spirituality and Psychedelics out there? Here's a few reasons:

  • Get yourself, your name and ideas out there in to the wwworld
  • Our dedicated editorial team will help create eye catching headlines for your posts and draw the attention to you that you deserve
  • Get featured multiple times over across our Social Media platforms and email campaigns
  • Write when you feel like it, from where you feel like
  • Improve your writing skills and gain invaluable experience
  • Connect with other writers and thousands of readers on a world wide scale
  • Make a difference to others by providing a genuine service of love and knowledge
  • Be a positive flow of energy in the Universe
  1. Choose a topic that inspires and excites you. The key to great content is writing about things you’re knowledgeable and passionate about. Deliver your article in an easy to read, straight forward fashion, and speak to the reader directly.
  2. Be clear and concise. Know what message you want to get across and remove any excess language and words. You make it easier for us to share your article with our community by taking the time to edit your own work.
  3. Does your post provide additional value to our readers? We focus on providing as much value as possible in everything we do and the blog is no exception. Wherever possible we ask that you provide links to other related posts or recipes on SpiritMolecule.com. Use the search feature on our website to do a quick search for a related post before you link to an outside source.
  4. Is your message or post actionable? Ask yourself what you want your reader to do after reading your post. A great post will make someone want to take action! Don’t just make a statement, take it one step further and explain the “why” and the “how to” so your reader can implement.
  5. Share your sources! If you are quoting a scientific study or making health claims of any kind, share a link to a credible news source, peer-reviewed scientific paper or academic journal. This helps our readers connect the dots and do their own research so they can grow on their own.
  • Is your post fun? Does it inspire and motivate the reader to take action?
  • Is your post original and your own work?
  • Have you already submitted a post to SpiritMolecule.com?
  • Does your post have a great headline that grabs our readers attention?
  • Do you have an image that you would like to include with your post? (800 pixels wide, landscape images please)

There are 2 simple ways you can submit your post to SpiritMolecule.com

  1. Fill out the form on the next tab, attach your article and click Send. And you're done. Just sit back and wait for your article to appear on SpiritMolecule.com. You will recieve and email with your account information to login if your submission goes live.
  2. Please submit the following list to us via email (no Word documents please, only PDF):
  • Your post with a working headline in PDF format.
  • Short Bio (4-5 sentences maximum) with any links to your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
  • If you are submitting a recipe post please include a high quality, professional image (must be minimum 800px wide).

Please include all of this in one email and submit to [email protected]

We look forward to reading your post!

Love, Health and Happiness,

The Spirit Molecule Team

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