Most people have probably heard of “Magic Mushrooms” of the Psilocybin species, and the Peyote Cactus Buttons from Mexico that are both illegal to grow in America unless you have religious reasons. Magic Mushrooms Contain Psilocybin which is a Tryptamine, and Peyote Cactus contains Mescaline which is a Phenethylamine. Both of these things are also illegal.

But strangely, there are some Mushrooms and Cacti that contain these Molecules, and the plants are legal to grow. One of them is known as “San Pedro Cactus”, this can be found at Home Depot or Lowes or whatever Garden store is near you. San Pedro means “Saint Peter” and the Spanish explorers named it that because it “Held the keys to Heaven” and Saint Peter is said to stand at the Pearly Gates. If you live in California or Arizona or New Mexico and parts of Texas, you can find huge ones growing in people’s yards and a lot of people will let you trim theirs if it is messy or has dead parts or take a cutting to grow your own if you ask.

Then there are Panaelous Mushrooms. These Mushrooms are completely legal to buy and grow for your own purposes of enjoying the experience of growing mushrooms, there are no laws against it. But if you were to sell them to people that would probably be a whole other thing, and I am not telling anyone to do that. Many species of this mushroom are also known to grow all over the world, they are pretty much everywhere. You can also get Panaelous spores legally online.

These are not closely related to the regular variety of “Magic Mushrooms”, they are a different Species and Genus, the only way someone could get arrested with them is if they were separated in to baggies for sale, or if they were being made in to Chocolate bars or something. Similar to how Safrole is illegal to sell for consumption by FDA rules, but Sassafras is legal to sell as a cooking herb.

Latin for Lawyers, “A Tree is so-called while growing, but Wood once it ceases to grow”.

Police (Texas) have harassed and arrested me for my religion since I was 14, so I have made sure to know my legal rights within my faith. And within my regular life. This is a legal Maxim from the book “Latin or Lawyers”. It is not legal advice, it is Latin for Lawyers.

Anyone who thinks these Mushrooms are illegal just because they contain an illegal chemical does not know what they are talking about. Safrole is illegal, but you can buy Sassafras at the Grocery store to cook with. Mescaline is illegal but you can buy San Pedro at the Garden store to grow. And Psilocybin mushrooms are illegal to grow and posses, but Panaeolous mushrooms are legal to grow for personal enjoyment. Just not if you plan on having people eat them, but if it is your religious sacrament, you are allowed to eat it. This article does not say “Everyone is allowed to grow and eat mushrooms and cactus” it says you can grow it, if you sell it to someone to eat you can get in trouble and if it is not part of your religion to eat them, then you could get in trouble for having them in something like a chocolate bar.
If tomorrow they discovered Catnip had trace amounts of THC, Catnip would not automatically be illegal. It would just be illegal to bag it up and sell it to people for them to smoke unless you were in a state like Colorado or Washington.
 Psilocybin Mushrooms are illegal, these are a completely different Genus and Species. But you still can’t eat them unless it is your religion.