Everyone is interested in experimenting with their consciousness and nervous system to a varying degree.  Whether you are drinking coffee, alcohol, or ayahuasca, you are doing something that is going to negatively impact your health in one way or another.  There is a sort of romanticism of drugs within the spiritual community, in particular, the psychedelic kind, that is convincing people that drugs are not only safe for recreation but are necessary for spiritual development.

For every instance you can point to an ancient culture that used substance for ceremonial and spiritual purpose, you can also find many other practices they did to alter their consciousness that involved sobriety.  Fasting, drum circles, chanting, and yoga are ancient spiritual practices which alter your consciousness permanently and safely without wreaking havoc on your nervous system.

In our day and age, we can combine the miracles of modern science with the ancient wisdom of consciousness-altering practices to provide us with everything we need to have psychedelic trips without taking drugs.  Here are the 3 best ways to trip while being sober:

1) Isolation Tanks

Isolation tanks, also known as sensory deprivation tanks, are a groundbreaking technology that allows you to experience absolutely no external sensory data at all.

You are in pitch darkness in a soundproof vault, and you are floating on your back in saltwater that is heated to the temperature of your body so you can’t feel it.  The lid is shut, and it is just you and the sound of your breathing, the blooding flowing through your veins, and your own internal dialogue. The results?

  1. Cognitive and perceptual changes
  2. Delusions
  3. Hallucinations
  4. Disorientation
  5. Loss of sense of time and reality

In isolation tanks, you are completely detached with reality.  The goal is to allow yourself to drift into a meditative state to experience pure silence and stillness without the interference of sensory data.  The psychological effects of this can be so intense sometimes that people will have panic attacks, anxiety attacks, and experience intense fear.  You don’t need neuron-altering drugs to play around with your psychology.  All you need is a big tub with some water![/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

2) Binaural Beats

The five cognitive states that your brainwaves operate within are Gamma (>40 Hz), Beta (13 – 39 Hz), Alpha (7 – 13 Hz), Theta (4 – 7 Hz) and Delta (<4 Hz).  Each one of those frequencies is correlated to different psychological experiences and states of consciousness.  The slower the frequency, the more meditate of an experience you will have.  When you listen to music that is specifically designed to combine several of these frequencies at one time, it literally makes your brainwaves trip out.

They have also been scientifically proven to enhance creativity and improve focus, but they must be listened to with headphones on.  Here is a perfect example of binaural beats that are designed specifically to alter your brain-wave state:[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][mgl_tubelab_video template=”plain” display=”title,meta” size=”high” video_id=”mDX8QrcDI_o”][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

3) Tantra Lovemaking

Tantra Lovemaking
We all know that when you make love to someone, you make love to an energy field as well.  But when you both know this, have this in mind while doing it, and use your consciousness to focus your attention into synergizing your energy field with the other person, you begin to experience non-personal states of consciousness.

You aren’t just a mind/soul in a body during this experience.  You are now minds/souls for a little while since your energy field has dissolved and blended into the other, and this results in a much greater experience of pleasure and euphoria.  This practice is at least 2000 years old and has its roots in ancient Hinduism.  It’s basically combining the worlds of brainwave alteration, meditation, pure pleasure, and energetic union with another soul.

Other forms of “tripping” without needing to fry your nervous system include like self-hypnosis, deep meditation, deep breathing, repetitive chanting, yoga, and even sleep deprivation combined with any of the previously mentioned methods.

I really do think that the consciousness-altering practices of the future will have less to do with substances and more to do with actual consciousness-induced practices combined with scientific advancement.  We have everything we need already contained within us for spiritual growth, ascension, happiness, and even for recreation.  It’s just a matter of experimenting, being patient, and developing a new relationship with your consciousness that revolves around using your biology to your own advantage as a soul.
Hope this helps!

Written by Steven Bancarz.